Who do we work with?


Empowering and training volunteers to participate in their community as active citizens and empowering them to foster the UN SDGs.

Volunteers come from a range of age groups. We are eager to work with anyone who wants to support local NGOs through volunteerism and help in localizing the cause they are passionate about!

Volunteers will be trained through methods such as webinars alongside their volunteering journey to help them make meaningful contributions to their volunteering journey at local NGOs

Local NGOs

We collaborate with local NGOs to place volunteers, based on a comprehensive list of factors.

Help several NGOs restore their work, and thrive in a postpandemic world.

Local NGOs are supported in the onboarding process of volunteers to not only remove the apprehension of
volunteers but also to ensure that NGOs are able to derive meaning from volunteerism.

Solution Partners

In an attempt to advance UN SDG 17, we partner with NGOs and give them assistance in their interventions to promote the UN SDGs

We create small-term intervention projects, based on the needs of the partner. For instance, we will try to propagate inclusivity in all sorts of fields by creating resource kits, video guides, and audio books.

Additionally, we can also lend support in activities like promotion, and fundraising.

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