Our Team

Our Team



Sana Mittar is a first year undergraduate student at the University of Warwick. A youth leader, activist, change-maker, and social entrepreneur who wishes to use her knowledge to empower others, propagate inclusivity and break stigmas of society.

She has worked to foster active citizenship for the past 3 years in different capacities. Through her engagements with organizations such as The Global Education & Leadership Foundation, Instagram, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship, and the United Nations, she has focused on issues like gender equality, peace and security, mental health, education, covid pandemic relief, and environmental sustainability.

Due to her proactive humanitarian efforts, she has been awarded the ‘Making A Difference in the Community’ Award by the University of Warwick, as well as the prestigious Diana Award.

Faiza Hazarika


Faiza Hazarika is an English Honors student at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and can usually be found in the human rights section of public libraries. When she’s not debating policy, gender studies, and child rights with you, she will probably rope you in to talk about books, literature, and the importance of a free and fair press in the world today.


Arjun Kumar Singh

Head of Operations

Arjun intends to work with early-stage social enterprise to meaningfully contribute to the nation-building processes. His motivation has been recognized by many organizations such as Young Leaders for Active Citizenship, and the Global Citizenship Foundation. He has also been recognized as one of the 500 Sustainability Leaders from all across the world by United People Global.

Debangana Dutta

Team member

Debangana Dutta has completed her undergrad in History from the University of Delhi. Debangana is fascinated by Classical History, Subaltern History and Feminist History. Passionate about Japanese literature and photography, she has always been curious about how the past has shaped our present society.

 Abhi Desai

Team member

Abhi is a second year undergraduate student at the University of Warwick studying Economics and Politics. Having proactively volunteered with non-profits and clubs throughout his schooling in Chennai, Abhi is keen to make a difference in the global community. He is also an established leader and learner, eager to harness new ideas and apply them to his work in business and the social sciences.a free and fair press in the world today.

Yukta Kumari


Yukta is a third year biotechnology student at JIIT Noida. She can be found juggling miserably between time management apps. An organisation freak who gets distracted by paintings, dogs, and all things purple.


Ananya Arora

Team Member

Ananya is a social media team member at GVAN. Incoming freshman at the University of Waterloo, she is an 18 year old, who’s obsessed with fashion, dancing, reading, and binge watching shows.

Ipsa Samaddar


Ipsa is a third year undergraduate student studying English, History and Creative Writing at Ashoka University. She is a YLAC alumni, and is passionate about gender equality, intersectional queer activism, environmental conservation, and mental health. She enjoys comparative literature, history of science, and cat trivia. When she isn’t panicking over a paper, you can find her binge-watching crime shows in her room.

Divyanshi Mittal


A firm believer of gender equality, Divyanshi Mittal has been a part of Ylac Counter Speech Fellowship and Karona Campaign, where she used the medium of writing and visual art to advocate issues which often go ignored. Exhibiting leadership qualities, you can find her organising events, and helping the underprivileged whenever she can.

Aayat Aziz


Aayat Aziz is a 19-year-old from Kashmir. She is the regional head of Paper Plane Kashmir, a modest initiative by teenagers to create awareness regarding mental health. Living in two different cities (Kashmir and Bangalore) has shaped her perspectives. Her passion lies in creating content to educate the masses and make the best use of art advocacy. Her content has been displayed on various online platforms for awareness. She has been involved in debates and public speaking from a very young age and has been associated with various youth organizations across India.


Rhea Mukherjee

Team Member

Rhea Mukherjee is the Partnerships and Engagement Co-Head at Global Volunteers Action Network. A freshman at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, she is majoring in Psychology and double minoring in English and Biology. A people’s person, Rhea has a deep passion for mental health, awareness and adolescent wellness. When she’s not nose-deep in work, you can find her strumming her ukulele, reading memoirs or writing poetry!

Arunav Ghosh

Team Member

It’s a rare day when Arunav is not talking about a new development in the world. With his hands hovering over every realm, Arunav takes interest in Politics, Society, Technology, Science, Economics, History, Space and everything beyond. With various academic and extracurricular accolades. With a strong desire to change the world for the better, he hopes to acquire degrees in Law and Public Policy.

Ananya Bagri

Team Member

Ananya is a second-year law student at the University of Warwick, Ananya’s dream is to use her legal knowledge to help the world. She is particularly passionate about gender equality and mental health. In her free time, Ananya loves writing, baking, and singing!

Siddharth Arya


Aspiring to affect change through his confident and enterprising approach, Siddharth has been an active participant in social work since an early age. Siddharth is passionate about football, literature and films, and has extensively worked on subjects including educational and pedagogical research, and the macro-economical repercussions of Globalisation. 

Siddharth is a law student presently on scholarship at the Jindal Global University.

Amreen Kaur


Amreen is a policy and politics enthusiast with career interests at the nexus of human rights, international relations and policy sector. She has keen interest in SDGs, Global Studies, Governance, and Socio-economic mobility. Having worked with Girl Up (UNF), Youth Action Hub (UNCTAD), World Youth Council, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship she is a strong advocate of youth driven change. With a yearning desire to leave lasting tangible change she hopes to acquire degrees in Politics and International Diplomacy.

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