About Us

Here, at the Global Volunteers Action Network (GVAN), we recognise that each and every one of us has an immense capacity to inspire change. Since the launch of our Volunteer Organisation therefore, we have been committed to our purpose, which is to channel and be driven by the ideas of Community, Collaboration, and Cooperation and work as a catalyst that will ignite positive advancements in our world today.

The Initiation

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the development of many important questions about the fate of the world- where it’s headed, what the possible repercussions of the pandemic may be, and how we can solve these problems.

The UN SDGs present the many possibilities of tomorrow, while highlighting the many setbacks of today. They are a call for collective action to solve our most critical issues, a request for the world to focus their endeavors toward building a comprehensive, supportable and versatile future for us all- and, we at Global Volunteers Action Network pledge to work towards this collective action.

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The Problem

Given India’s socio-economic status, it is evident that volunteerism is not widespread, since a massive proportion of the population lacks enough socio-economic capital to spare some for volunteerism. India also lacks a strong mandatory volunteerism mechanism in the education system. 

We intend to address the problem of the information gap that exists between people who want to volunteer, and organizations who are looking for good quality volunteers.

Is that really the problem? - Raven Performance Group
Our Mission | Enterprising Skill

Our Mission

  • To create a space which accommodates and empowers people to contribute towards development through volunteerism worldwide. 
  • To collaborate with our partners to create interventions and volunteer opportunities which promote and advance the Sustainable Development Goals.



Our programmes and projects are structured to help build a global culture of volunteerism and to make volunteering accessible to everyone who wishes to chip in and do their bit in changing the shape of the world today. 




“The Best way to find yourself is to lose

yourself in the service of others”

– Gandhi

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